The best Swedish dishes to try out on your trip

People who love to travel are more interested in exploring different cultures, norms, traditions, and food. Foodies on the other hand are always on the hunt of getting delicious food which is traditional food from any corner of the world. Well, food and traveling are partners as to when you are traveling you always need to feed yourself with some good food which is not only tasty but also healthy. Like all the other countries Sweden has some traditional dishes which are famous all over the world and if you are on a trip to Sweden then nothing is better than this to find out and try such dishes.

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Best Swedish Dishes to be a part of your trip
Sweden has traditional food and the people of Sweden are more likely to have simple and healthy food which comprises fewer ingredients. Swedish National dish Meatballs are one of the most delicious and perfectly cooked dishes available in Sweden which should be tried out if you are on a trip to Sweden. Some more best Swedish dishes which should try out on a trip are:

  • Kottbullar
    It is one of the famous and most demanding dishes in Sweden which is generally served with rice. This is mixed and fried with a generous amount of butter and also served with lingonberry jam, cream sauce, and mashed potato.
  • Rakmacka
    Rakmacka is also known as shrimp sandwich which is another famous and must-have dish because seafood is quite a center of attraction in Sweden and has a long traditional history. Rakmacka is an open-faced sandwich generally served on rye bread and topped with lettuce, mayonnaise, egg, tomatoes, and shrimp. It is also served as a starter in many restaurants.
  • Smulpaj
    It is a blend of fruits and nutrients and the bowl of Smulpaj is enjoyed while gardening in summer. The fruits along with other berries are assembled to make a base on which crumble is spread which is made up of wheat flour, oatmeal, butter, and sugar.
  • Semla
    Semla is often known as cream rolls, which are served as deserts. Semla is one of the most beloved desserts in Sweden that has its day named “Fettisdagen”, which is celebrated every year in February.
  • Sill
    It is a pickled herring, and one of the historical dishes of Sweden. Herring has been fished in Southern Sweden and currently, it is served with pickle to enhance the taste and follow old traditions.

Sweden has a list of old and traditional foods which are served with many varieties of bread, jam, and other fruits. Hence, people who tend to travel can have the best dishes in Sweden as their meal to enjoy their time.