The birthday cake has been an integral part of birthdays since the middle of the 19th century. It’s understandable – who doesn’t look forward to a delicious cake for their birthday every year?

You can now easily send birthday cake online via our online bakery. Our bakery offers a large selection of different birthday cakes. There is something for every taste, whether it is one of the classics such as apple tart or chocolate cake or an exotic, fresh passion fruit tart; if you like tarts or cakes for a birthday, you will find it here.

Homemade cakes

Ready to use in high-quality glass jars from our homemade pies in pots is delicious in taste and texture. It is not only tasty but also reusable and recyclable. There are thousands of fun and creative ways to reuse the preserving jars. When you no longer need the jar, throw it in a glass container so that the glass can be recycled as a raw material. So we think about the needs of the people and also the environment. Cake in a jar is making the world a sweeter place.

Theme Cakes

You can decorate the cakes for any occasion. We have put together beautiful cakes for different themes. You will receive the decorations of the theme cake with a Cake in a jar. Our self-created theme cakes are easy and quick to decorate.

You were able to enjoy a delicious cake. Only what can you do now with the remaining preserving jar? There are many different and fun ways to reuse the preserving jar. The ideas of what you can do with a preserving jar are endless. With a little imagination, you can transform the preserving jar into a great usable product.

Cakes with your desired text

Noble cakes with your photo or with a motif. This way, you not only conjure up a smile on the recipient’s face – maybe even a tearful teardrop. We only use the best ingredients and do not use preservatives or flavor enhancers. The special packaging guarantees that the cake of your choice arrives quickly and fresh.

We send a cake with a message from you.

It’s very easy. You choose a special message cake. Find a theme that matches what you want to say or wish to the person receiving the cake. If there is no suitable theme, please let us know. We are happy to make a new creation together with you. We can also use existing theme cakes for a different message or message.

Add your birthday greeting to the birthday cake

Some of our birthday cakes can even have your birthday greeting added to them, so you can design the cake individually and, for example, write the name and the congratulations directly on the cake.

To do this, simply give us your birthday greeting in the fields provided in the detailed view of the desired birthday cake, and we will write it for you with dark chocolate on the birthday cake.

Special Concepts

In collaboration with customers, we also develop complete, creative gift concepts around. For example, in a consultation, we can add extra candles, garlands, flower bulbs, and potting soil (for reuse of the pots), cocktail nuts, or the like to the concept. Do you have a special wish or another idea?

Let us know. It is also possible to arrange accompanying printed matter such as flyers, business cards, or postcards and add it to your Cake in Pot. For this, you can submit a design or let our graphic designers make a design proposal.


Its special packaging makes the Cake in Pot extra special. We can offer different types of paper, ribbons in various colors, and high-quality gift packaging. If desired, you can tailor the packaging to your corporate identity in color and style. It is, of course, also possible to have the packaging printed.

We bake, collect, and ship

We bake the cake in the pot and then air seal the pots. As a result, the cakes can be kept for at least three months unopened without having to be refrigerated. Despite the long shelf life, we bake on average every three days that the cakes are always fresh when they are shipped.

The accompanying or extra ordered decoration items are supplied in separate closed containers. The pot and the decoration are then packed in tasteful white organza bags in a neutral box and sent via post.

We will add the possibly specified personal message (can be entered separately during the ordering process) with the instruction card, which explains how to best decorate the cake with the components supplied with the package. Clients receive an automatic track.

The lucky recipient can decorate and eat in a cozy way

What a surprise for the recipient when the package is delivered. Quickly decorate the cake and then enjoy this special and delicious gift.


We have many more ideas for the theme cakes that we would like to share with you! Of course, you can also come up with a theme cake yourself. There are various decorations for sale separately to decorate the cakes according to your wishes.