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Before using for the first time, we advocate working the heated wash cycle to wash the pitcher and lid. This also helps you turn out to be acquainted with the product and guarantee it’s working correctly. The heated wash cycle will take an average of 5–10 minutes to complete. In the cold setting, the time will automatically display.

After the temperature is reached in a sizzling setting, the time will display. To switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, press and hold both the and buttons at the similar time for three seconds. Any time the temperature reads above one hundred forty°F (60°C), the thermometer icon shall be lit .

Wait until the pitcher is cool to the contact earlier than removing from the base. When mixing is full, three audible beeps will sound. Once the temperature is reached, the display will show a run time and begin counting down. During the Heated Wash cycle, some bubbles could seem, that is regular and anticipated. The extra concentrated the soap is, the extra bubbles it will yield. If you’re using extremely concentrated cleaning soap and bubbles begin to bubble over, press the wheel to pause the Heated Wash cycle, remove the lid, and add about 1 tsp of vegetable oil to scale back effervescent.

If the motor begins to struggle spinning, cease tampering to stop the motor from overheating. High-fat ingredients like cream and cheese could cause scorching. Once the blue gentle is above the chosen setting, press the wheel. When utilizing a preset setting, you can’t adjust the time, mixing speed, heat, or use the pulse button. When the timer is full, three audible beeps will sound. The blender will proceed to beep two instances each 1 minute until is pressed or the pitcher is faraway from the base.

To clean, make a salt and oil paste with 1 cup salt and half of cup oil. Pour it in the blender, lock the lid, and select the Custom Blend setting. Blend on the lowest velocity to interrupt up the burnt-on meals. The food is overprocessed.Pulse the food on the Custom Blend setting to forestall over mixing. The contents are too thick.• Add liquid to the recipe. Push meals down from the sides of the pitcher towards the blades. During blending, do not tamper for longer than 30 consecutive seconds to stop the motor from overheating.